Neuheit Quickhold   haboe-Quickhold System
haboe-Quickhold System

From now on the patented haboe-Quickhold System will allow timesaving assembling. You can transport the construction kit in its individual parts and assemble it on site. The core piece of this connection is a flame resistant and highly robust neoprene grommet. This grommet allows to simply inserting the crossbeams without the need of screwing, welding or bonding them. Touching up thus becomes unnecessary. Singular components damaged later on can be quickly replaced and attachments such as a cable feed through can be easily retrofitted. Isolating individual parts leads to entirely new possibilities to combine different materials such as high-grade steel and brass. Due to compensation of thermal expansions the framework remains free of stresses and vibration-reducing. Functional principle: The grommet is inserted into the predrilled hole and lubricated with a spray. Now the crossbeam can easily be fitted into the opening. After a short time the lubricant evaporates and the system becomes stable.