Historie   History

Established by Harald Böhl in 1999, the haboe Edelstahl-Systeme GmbH is not only the third but also the youngest cornerstone of the böhl Group.
On the basis of long-time experiences in guard-rail construction at hebö Maschinenfabrik and due to his fascination and affection for stainless steel, Harald Böhl set up another main pillar in his business. The company successfully sells its own guard-rail system on the global market since the turn of the millennium - and the quantity is continuously growing. The underlying idea is as simple as ingenious: the technique is based on plugging, screwing and bonding instead of welding and bevelling. This method simplifies the application and increases the optical characteristics likewise.
As a result of the commercial success and the accompanied growth the company soon had to move from Rosenthal somewhere else. So the place of business changed from Rosenthal to Gemünden (Wohra) which is about 10 kilometres away in 2003.
It was foreseeable that the production facility in Gemünden will be insufficient and too small soon. Instead of looking for a new headquarter in 2006, Mr. Böhl decided to have an own and large production facility built. The new building was in the neighbourhood of habö CNC Dreh- und Frästechnik in Rosenthal in order to use existing synergies of the böhl Group ideally.
In June 2007, after only ten months of constructing the building, the 1250 sqm big and modern new production facility was inaugurated. Now there is enough space for fitting, storage and forwarding of the stainless steel guard-rail systems and home accessories. In addition, the new building comprises about 250 sqm for offices and seminar rooms.
As the two companies are situated close to each other, the cooperation with habö CNC Dreh- und Frästechnik is simplified and this increases flexibility and efficient working in many areas. Therefore, we are convinced that we have created the best prerequisites for being a powerful partner worldwide in future.